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Clearing a Way: Unveiling the Mental Tricks That Hide Reality

How to make better life-enhancing choices during times of change? This book takes a deep look at how our brains trick us into seeing the surface of things so that we lose sight of the deep relatedness on which our survival as groups will increasingly depend. Human inner heart is restored over mind, to its central place, as personal values begin to reshape the future. Clearing a Way unclutters the background to explain why Emotional Logic is so effective to restore lives to their potential fullness.

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Emotional Logic: Harnessing your emotions into inner strength

Dr Trevor Griffiths and his wife, Dr Marian Langsford, tell fifteen stories of different ways that Emotional Logic has changed lives for the better. Anonymised stories from their medical practice are followed by accounts of the wider transformational impact in communities, schools, and prisons in the UK and abroad. Used in book discussion groups in the USA, this book could enrich life for you, your friends, and your family.

Amazon Paperback £13.85, Kindle £6.99

Building Bridges of Grace: The Strength and Resilience of an Emotionally Intelligent Church

Building Bridges of Grace finds the subtle balance of personal narrative and universal truth-telling that can make a reader sit up and take note that something extraordinary is happening. Starting from the brokenness of church divisions, both locally and around the world, a new vision of grace and healing opens through these pages. 

Practical regardless of faith or beliefs and relevant at personal, family, organisational, and international levels, the reader is introduced to ‘triune principles of organisation’ that overcome the fragmentation of life. These show how the New Science of order emerging out of chaos by feedback learning supports the spirituality and the humanity of a living God who restores wholeness for anyone who seeks it.

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Shelly in Shock

Shelly the tortoise tells her story of a shocking event, so that her Savannah animal friends and the wise lion Lisimba can help her to take a small risk, and to come out of her shell again to enjoy the good things of life. Read the story to your 4-9 year old children, so that they can safely learn the useful purpose of their anxious feelings. Useful also for the child’s reading practice in a way that grows their emotional understanding and confidence.

£7.00 plus p&p

Reggie gets Angry

Reggie the rhino knows that the Savannah animal friends are frightened of his angry outbursts, but he is kind and caring too, and wants to be friends with them. Read his story to find out how the friends and Reggie all discover that being angry has a useful purpose in some situations. When Lisimba the wise lion explains what happened, Reggie is welcomed into the friendship group just as he is. Angry helps sometimes when others trust it can prevent trouble from getting worse.

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‘Shelly and Friends’ seven illustrated book series

This beautifully illustrated set of light-hearted storybooks is written for adults or older children to read to children aged 4-9. This will be quality time. It can lead to helpful conversations about healthy adjustments that will build stronger friendships at all ages. Young children then can read the books on their own to advance their reading and emotional understanding. Play activity ideas are also suggested that will help children (and adults) to express emotion in creative ways that move life on.

This is an ideal gift for grandparents to buy for young families, for primary school circle time, and for organisations that support fostered children.

£29.50 for seven hard copy books, plus p&p.
(Better for the child to hold and read.)

£14.00 for digital

Transforming lives

So, for the past 18 years, I have taught people of all ages how to create inner clarity and become masters of their emotions.

I am now an author, New Science philosopher and international speaker. My framework, Emotional Logic, is taught in schools and social healthcare settings around the globe.

Emotional Logic has helped me transform my life.

It’s helped others transform theirs… and it can help you transform yours, too.