Why do I see emotions so differently?

Reconnecting with life.

Like many, I have experienced personal difficulties. And these life events have shaped me. Although terrible to live through, they have been the key to understanding my emotions and helping others understand theirs, too.

I was brought up in a troubled family amid chaos and violence. Things got so bad that when I was 13, I was planning my own suicide when a bright light shone from within the room and bathed it, and me, in a golden glow.

At this moment, I realised that I’d been missing out on the beauty all around us. In amongst my grief and hurt, my brain had simply screened out the good.

It was this experience that reignited my will to live. There was a huge part of life I was yet to discover and enjoy.

I had been surviving. But now, I wanted to thrive and understand the relationship between the world inside my mind and the world around me.

Finding order in the mayhem

So, in search of answers, I studied a variety of disciplines: spirituality, science, and personal development. But even my study of medical sciences at Oxford didn’t give me the answers I was looking for. After years of struggling to figure it out, I eventually realised what I had missed.

No one discipline, studied alone, can provide the answers I’d been looking for. But studied together, they do. They are strangely interrelated. When I saw these connections, I finally enjoyed the clarity to unlock the relationship between my feelings and what was going on around me.

My emotions made sense in a new way. They are the evidence of my utter relatedness. This new depth understanding harnesses emotions and feelings into inner strength. My emotional inner heart and my rational mind became equal partners, strengthening my relationships and making sense of spirituality as well.

I had found the Emotional Logic of a healthy adjustment process.

And, in my role as a doctor, I found that I wasn’t alone. The mental health of my patients, of any age, also improved when they understood the principles of this adjustment process. But it went deeper than mental health, to a new sense of fulfilled identity in life.

strengthening the inner heart to explore life’s potential for beauty to re-emerge from pain

Transforming lives

So, for the past two decades I have taught people of all ages how to create inner clarity and become masters of their emotions.

I aim to prevent mental ill health and socially disruptive behaviour, and to promote personal growth after traumatising change.

I am now an author, New Science philosopher and international speaker on healthy adaptability. My framework, Emotional Logic, is taught in schools and social healthcare settings around the globe.

The training charity runs independently of me (elcentre.org), setting me free to challenge the old science materialist influence that has successfully harnessed energy, but corrupted humanity.

Emotional Logic has helped me transform my life. It’s helped others transform theirs… and it can help you transform yours, too.