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Discover the new approach to transforming your mental, physical and social-spiritual health.

  • If you feel overwhelmed by life and you’re wondering why…
  • If you’ve struggled to get help from therapists or person-centred counselling…
  • If you’ve tried mindfulness and meditation only to discover that it’s just not for you…
  • If Cognitive Behavioural Therapy hasn’t given you the answers you’ve been looking for…
  • If your emotions feel in turmoil and you need some inner peace…

Then, Emotional Logic could open the path you are looking for.
New understanding improves your power of choice to see your way through.

Discover the new approach to transforming your mental health.

Be the master of your emotions

Many people struggle to understand their emotions. And that’s frustrating. Emotional Logic is a simple framework that gives you the clarity to understand how your heart level values stir your feelings. It’s the key to growing confidence, taking action, and living a fuller, richer life.

What others say…

Emotional Logic transforms lives

“I’ve been a GP for 25 years and am amazed by Emotional Logic. I have seen it completely transform lives – lifting people out of depression and other distress states in just one or two sessions.”

Dr Julie Henshelwood GP

Meet Dr Trevor Griffiths

Like many, I have experienced personal difficulties. For me, it was in the form of a traumatic childhood as I was brought up in a family of chaos and violence. This affected my mental health as I learned to hide my feelings, trust no-one, and divert attention away from the turmoil within me. 

As I grew, I realised that this was the path to surviving – not thriving. 

So, after studying Medicine at Oxford University and spending 25 years as a practitioner interested in family dynamics and mental health, I left medicine to help prevent psychological illness rather than treat it. But I discovered the method I was teaching achieved much more than that. It enriched people, and made sense of their life.

For more than two decades now, people of all ages have been empowered to create inner clarity and become masters of their emotions.
I am now an author, New Science philosopher and International Speaker. My framework, Emotional Logic, is taught in schools and social health care settings around the globe. 

Emotional Logic has helped me to transform my life; it’s helped others transform theirs…and it can help you to transform yours, too. 

Meet Dr Trevor Griffiths
What others say…

Empowering children and adults

“Emotional Logic is an amazingly simple transformational way of thinking for both children and adults. It empowers them to take steps towards improving any emotionally challenging situation. I wholeheartedly recommend that every child, adult and teacher should learn the “tools” from the program to apply whenever needed at home and in school.”

Vanessa, SENCo

Find the clarity you’ve been searching for

Anyone feeling confused or trapped by their emotions can navigate their way through challenges using Emotional Logic. It shows you how to make sense of unpleasant emotions so you can get clarity, take positive action, and build your resilience.

What others say…

No longer isolated or moody

“I’m discovering really profound things about people I’ve known for years. I’m also learning to share and not feel so isolated or moody. Friends say I am a lot more open, and speak my mind a lot more. One close friend said, “You appear different, and the way you talk is different.” “

Nick, systems analyst.

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