There is nothing more fundamental than movement

Everything in the universe moves.

Galaxies rotate in the curvatures of space-time. Stars, planets and moons spin within them. A cosmological dance of relationships births life in all its fleeting forms, in our changing planet Earth and probably others. We know our inner heart movements as joy or grief, appropriate to their seasons as love endures through all the frustrating movements of relationships. All living organisms, plants, and microbes of the biosphere growing out of the earth, air and water of our shared ecologies are continuously moving within, even if they seem static to an observer.

Inside seemingly solid matter, scientists now think every atom and ‘particle’ is a field of vibrant energy, interacting across space and time with other fields. So, matter is movement. This truth affects everyone, as all of our movements convey all of our values in whatever measure of grace unites us.

Matter is vibrationally self-organising. Recycling patterns of movement may seem to our minds like solid lumps or particles; but in that patterning of movement is the seed of Life. Movement is the potential for life to emerge everywhere in matter.

Just as waves criss-cross on the sea’s surface, modulating the lower order movements of and in water molecules, those surface waves are further modulated by higher order weather patterns and tides. So likewise our emotional chemistry, which embodies even our thoughts, are higher order movements altering the wider patterns of movements in vibrational matter.

A person’s inner strength is movement that sustains the integration and order of their heart level values, as they balance their moving connection into the social order of life.

Movement is changing relatedness repatterning forms.

I can think of no movement that is NOT consistent with this three-fold analysis defining movement:
Movement is changing relatedness repatterning forms.

While there would be little controversy about the meaning of change, and of relatedness, philosophers throughout history have debated the nature of ‘forms’. In the cosmology being presented here, forms are patterns of movement.

This definition of movement takes minds deeper into matter than reading tomes of the history of thought and science. Materialism is only one restrictive way to understand ‘forms’, by reducing them to static objects that can be manipulated and controlled. This mentality extends to physicists calling their experimental findings ‘particles’, and describing ‘their’ different behavioural characteristics as if they had continuing existence in themselves travelling between experimental events. For wise scientists, the idea of static solidity with emptiness in between is now old-fashioned. The characteristic behaviours observed are now ‘fields of changing relatedness repatterning forms‘. Fields are vibrational patterns that transform. So too are human lives transforming over a lifetime and influencing each other.  

Materialists will have to face their emotional loss reactions as they let go of particles and solidity, and get to grips instead with patterned movement. Visually, the icons that follow are the building blocks of a firm and sustaining vibrational view of matter (and mind, but that is another substance!).

This ‘triquetra’ (triquetra = a three cornered shape that is not a triangle) is an ancient Celtic icon, pre-religious, showing how movement underlies all that seems constant on the surface. So, the idea of vibrational truth is not new.

Try tracing the lines along with your finger. They make a never-ending loop of continuously unfolding movement. This internal movement can be modulated by remote changes when the corners connect relationally with wider movements, as shown in this double triquetra, like a dance between two elements or people.

Thus, relatedness creates a patterned, mutually responsive form of life’s movements that has intelligence of remote changes. Each person is like this in their inner heart, from which emerge the thoughts of our heart and our social behaviour.

A vibrational view of matter takes the inner human heart of personal values deeply into connection with the unity of movement that holds the universe and all its particles and energies together. The word cosmos means a substantial universe filled with the potential for life.

What emerges from movement?

Most people immediately ask, “Movement of what?” But…

… the ‘what’ that people have in mind is a pattern of movement… ‘It’ is an inner dynamic that patterns its appearance as a form. Some forms are more stable than others.

So, the question is better asked, “What emerges from movement?”

As an aside… brains organise changing sensory information into static images and words so that people can handle or use them. So movement is informational movement emerging within patterned forms. An area of the cerebral cortex just above yo ur ears is called the temporal lobe sensory association area. It is one of three main areas where sensory phenomena from several distance and inner senses are associated with with memories to ‘make sense of them’. The temporal lobe sensory association area constructs ‘object recognition’ out of changing patterns of the relatedness of transient phenomena. That sounds like movement being converted into a static image! The other two sensory association areas construct impressions of space and time, in which movement of these objects is imagined. These areas are not active when we are dreaming.

Object recognition is like a Kantian category that the brain imposes on the mind, affecting the way people think, feel, and behaviourally communicate. People who suffer epileptic states affecting this sensory association area of the brain feel as if life has become unreal… People who meditate and calm the activity in this area of the brain may feel as if they are living and breathing in a realm beyond this world.

The grace with which we choose to move and live out our values in relatedness with others makes us influential co-creators of life, participating in the depth movement that unites us.

Triune principles of movement – your inner heart

This next triquetral icon explains how the activity of those three sensory association areas of the brain cooperate to orientate our movement in space, time, and the experience of material substance. The corners represent how sensory phenomena are PAIRED in the sensory association areas of the cerebral cortex (represented by the three semi-circular loops). The central space represents ‘me’, planning what you will do next, which is happening in your frontal lobes even now.

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Your inner human heart is this… Your inner heart is movement relationally ongoing in every cell of your body (including your brain), the molecules of which are all unfolding informationally the changing relatedness repatterning their forms within the wider cosmos of movements. You are in everything, and everything moves in your embodied heart. This is the spirituality of the heart, which gets veiled by the mind.

[These ideas are developed in greater detail in the forthcoming book Clearing a Way: Unveiling the Mental Tricks That Hide Reality, to be released by John Hunt Publishers in January 2024. Pre-orders can be made now at https://www.collectiveinkbooks.com/o-books/our-books/clearing-way-unveiling-mental-tricks-hide-reality.]