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A bit challenging… How to introduce you to new angles on old ideas? The New Science (of our experienced order emerging out of quantum chaos by feedback learning) changes the context of our lives. It truly should alter our hopes for something better as the climate crisis and conflicts force population shifts around the world.

An underlying theme binds together three categories of Insights that you will find here – humanity, new science, and spirituality. The theme is how to understand and enjoy the unity of life that is being discovered by new science to underlie all the diversity that has confused or excited people throughout history, and when looking forward into an uncertain future.

Understanding the principles of organisation of movement may empower individuals to resist the desire to break diversity into divisions, and to resist setting up exclusive boundaries that interrupt the mutual synergic relatedness of life. Re-thinking traditional views on security and growth in the light of the new science will take time. But time spent browsing this uniting, synergic theme will bring its rewards in releasing more energy to adapt and adjust constructively together with people who seem to differ from us.

We are entering a new era of informational compassion. The old order of particles and objects and lumps of matter is passing. The desert of the parched inner human heart created by the old order, in which mentally-observed dust had primacy over the presence of loving kindness is being watered at last.

Many pictures make a gallery. We may not like them all, but sitting in the patio café at the gallery does not need to become a war zone when different opinions are expressed. Diversity can so easily turn into divisions between people. The emotional chaos hidden behind those divisions of depth denial has, within it, the seeds of renewed life. Looking at each other, and choosing to activate your in-built Emotional Logic of a healthy adjustment process, can empower people to find common ground. Their personal values are often the same, deeper than any passing differences of mental opinion. Sustainable relationships can be built when life slows down enough to talk in the café.

Emotional Logic shifts conversations from feelings and criticism of behaviour, to naming values and agreeing action plans. Our own humanity, and our relational spirituality, will be our ultimate judge if the new science destroys life rather than enriches and enhances life.

The Insights here are about a transferable quality of relatedness that can bring many new beginnings out of impending chaos.