Slowly recognising a mathematical order in sound and human aesthetics
Pythagoras – proportionality

Euclid – The Golden Ratio in depth and replication as octaves

Archimedes and Ptolemy – circles and pi (π)

Fibonacci – scaling and fractals

Renaissance Golden Ratio – aesthetics with phi (φ) shaping material forms

Part 2 – Coming soon

From static circles to helicoid movement in waves

The cultural setting in which to consider the importance of proportional harmony
The Schrödinger Equation – probabilities of change in transient processes
The Pythagorean Comma – divergence of maths and Golden Ratio proportionality
Resonance and Harmony – linear maths mismatches the Fibonacci curled cochlea
Social Human Musicality – the stabilisation of movement in harmonic patterns
The Triquetral Golden Ratio in Movement – the creativity of sung or spoken Word