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The 2022 Nobel Prize awarded for Physics has far wider implications than for science alone. It affects every aspect of our relationships, and it should affect every political, social, religious, and shopping decision made from now on. How is that? What does it mean?

The Prize awarded to physicists John Clouser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger was for their confirmation of the non-locality of movements deeply underlying the experienced world of a static environmental locality in which we live and share life. This is HUGE!

Physics and spirituality are now proven to meet in our inner hearts

There is no need to go into the deep stuff about the instantaneous entanglement of quantum spin changes at distances that break the speed of light, but there is an urgent need to gently explore what breaking the speed of light inside everything (including you and me) means for everyday living. It means nothing less than that our ‘inner hearts’ are embedded in a reality beyond the here and now. This Nobel Prize affirms conclusively that physics and spirituality meet in our inner hearts.

This has been intuited throughout history and offered as wisdom in the widest range of religious, spiritual and philosophical traditions that the reader could imagine. It means celebrating the end of the so-called ‘Era of Enlightenment’ of the last 300 years, which has focused education for our children onto materialism and the efficient profit-making from reducing matter and humanity to mere random clouds of dust. It means the dawn of a new Era, an Age of Reunification of the diverse into the Living Whole in which all have a share, like it or not.

That physics has now proved the somethingness of human connection beyond the local can act as the common ‘lightning rod’ that alerts any and every warring faction of the world to think again about the importance of whatever they say divides and separates them. It can no longer be true physically. Beliefs can fracture relationships; but 90% of named, heart-level values unite humanity. The problems arise from manipulated separation, misinformation, isolation, and stirring hatred out of the underlying Universal Love that has been bruised this way.

Names may divide us, but heart level values unite the differences

And that brings me to the main point of me writing this. In words that William Shakespeare gave to the young and lovely Juliet about her suitor Romeo from an enemy family, “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Previously ‘enemy factions’ have called this same underlying holomovement different names, and misunderstood each other, now scientifically proven to be physically true. Mind; Tao; Universal Love; Consciousness; Synergy; Akashic Field; Life; Spirit; The One; Light; God, or G-d; El; Allah; The Field; Word or Logos; Music of the heavens; Harmony; The Nameless; holomovement; implicate order. These are just some words used in English. In every culture and language the shamanistic mystics, priests and philosophers have intuited the same, and named this underlying unity of shared movement to honour ‘it’, even though we are embedded in ‘it’. As Joni Corley says, we are fractals, not fragments of wholeness. We are diverse participators in the underlying Life and its meaningful Logos made manifest in matter and energy.

Move over dust. Here comes the mutual respect of unashamed and realistic love to take over.