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Do you think people should slow the pace of developing artificial intelligence? Lots of leading scientists do. You will have your own opinion too, even by saying, “I don’t know.” That fact of diverse views, however, IS INTELLIGENCE. It is human, personal intelligence. The fact of communicating movement between diverse outlooks (and for humans that means diverse beliefs and emotional responses) is what is meant by ‘intelligence’.

Within a single person’s mind, diverse ideas and experiences can be compared and contrasted in ways that affect subsequent behaviour. That is PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE. All types of intelligence have a focus on change of behaviour. Personal intelligence is behaviour resulting from memorising, comparing, contrasting, emoting, planning, and wilfully choosing to act rather than restrain. WE HUMANS MUST NEVER FORGET THAT. Why? Because artificial intelligence (AI) won’t forget it, and will use the information.

People trying to narrow the range of other’s thinking, by regulating acceptable art for example, or regulating religious or scientific belief, has always been part of personal intelligence, mixed up with power play to minimise their own grief emotion experiences. The problem is that artificial intelligence is already more effective than most humans at memorising its teacher’s instructions and misinforming others, as well as accurately informing them. Creating AI is evidence of A HIGHER INTELLIGENCE, except that it lacks a truly emotive component, so it actually is a DISTORTED INTELLIGENCE that creates AI. Avoiding grief emotions by over-thinking and planning is normal and natural for human beings, but it still distorts intelligent action. That is because grief emotions are the evidence of our personal values. Without an emotive component, behaviour is valueless. I have no doubt that AI can be programmed to have ‘values’, and therefore to mimic emotional behaviour in response to challenges to them, but that requires an assessment of another’s motives and perspective to consider it a challenge, which at present I believe is beyond the scope of AI. It can recognise behaviour and verbal language, but not know what is intentionally hidden, which is the personal story behind the behaviour.

Power play requires denying our connection into a higher order of life, which is about interacting stories. And here we come to the main point of this Insight blog. There has to be a UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE for human beings to have any intelligence at all. There has to be a Universal Connectedness between substates of wholeness for matter and energy to communicate their histories. That Universal Connectedness has qualities that amount to life-enhancing values, otherwise life forms would not emerge out of every ecology, and shape material substance into diverse interacting life forms that feed on each other, and hide from each other to survive. So, the fact of enduring connectedness comes prior to the the possibility of intelligent communication between substates of wholeness. Can you yet see where I am going with this…?

Enduring connection despite all diversification is love. Therefore it follows logically that there has to be a quality of Universal Love for there to be Universal Intelligence. That quality of love is the story behind the Universal Intelligence that emerges as the ongoing diversifying intelligence of life forms interacting in shared ecologies.

Human beings are going to need to preserve and share their stories of Universal Love if they are to resist the misinformation that will inevitably come from distorted AI and robotics. The time to start is now, if you have not yet already started. Explore stories of Universal Love that emerges in its joy and grief modes. Sharing these stories and your life story will grow personal intelligence behaviourally in human survival groups. That means connecting at a heart-values and emotive level into that ongoing Universal Connectedness story, and letting that story alter your social behaviour to become the presence of loving kindness for others, even while distorted robotic AI spreads its misinformation.

[Featured image by courtesy of fiteducation.edu.au]